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One-day Dealership Reviews

During the year, we suggest on-site visits where, over the course of a day, we review your books, spot-check internal controls in the various departments and make sure the numbers you’re using to make important decisions are up-to-date and accurate. This also provides us the chance to discuss the business issues that are on your mind, like identifying areas for increased profitability and control, seeking advice on tax strategies to reduce your overall taxes or consulting on succession planning or strategies to build individual wealth.

Acquisitions & Due Diligence

Whether you are contemplating acquiring or selling a business, we can help you prepare for the transaction, maximize value and help ensure smooth post-transaction integration. If you’re acquiring a dealership, we can assist in the preparation of the necessary forms and documents required by the manufacturer.

IT Control Review and Assessment

In response to the increased use of information technology, BlumShapiro can perform an assessment of your current IT infrastructure, systems, processes and controls and security to enhance our understanding of your internal controls and make a proper assessment of control risks.

We will document our technology control findings and recommendations, typically in the areas of financial application security, network security, policies and procedures, data backup and disaster recovery.

Dealership Management and Consulting Tools

TASK (Technological Access to Solutions and Knowledge)

TASK is a reporting system, which identifies and allows you to examine, in detail, accounting exceptions in your system. TASK delivers these important exceptions in a comprehensive electronic front. This format allows us to quickly analyze the exceptions and deal with them in the most appropriate and efficient manner. TASK provides you knowledge about your business that you should not be without.

COPS (Control of Operating Procedures and Systems)

COPS is an improvement on the conventional way to check for compliance with procedures. Qualified internal auditors who fully understand the auto business are both hard to find and expensive to employ. Our COPS program is a simple, economical way to subcontract this work to professionals experienced in serving dealerships. COPS compiles procedures based on real-life experiences and where issues might arise to make them available to you. 


eCOPS is an electronically generated solution that provides dealers with a comprehensive evaluation of the internal controls and operational opportunities within their dealership. 

Office Staffing Solutions

Does your dealership need immediate assistance when finance staff leaves you permanently or temporarily shorthanded? BlumShapiro can provide you with a staffing support team with the dealership expertise you need to successfully run your business.

Employee Pay Plans

Is your dealership pay plan designed to encourage your staff to make profits for your dealership? A truly successful pay plan needs to consider the dealership’s success as well as the compensation of your employees. BlumShapiro can help youanalyze your current pay plan to determine if you’re compensating your employees in a way that motivates them to perform for the benefit of the dealership and for themselves.  

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