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Are you able to get anytime, anywhere access from any device to critical information about your dealership?

  • Are you able to see net income, gross profit and expenses for the current month?
  • Do you know what your oldest 10 new and used vehicles are?
  • Do you know what the model mix is of your new vehicle inventory?
  • Can you quickly determine the rate spread on your finance deals?
  • Can you see budget to actual or your sales pace for the month?
  • Do you know the sales volume for each employee and what their front and back end gross is?
  • Can you see your aged receivables or aged parts inventory?
  • Do you have visibility over fuel purchases for your vehicle inventory?
  • Are you able to view vehicle gross profit exceptions?
  • Can you compare desk manager performance?
  • Can you compare the performance of all service advisors in your organization?
  • Can you compare production and efficiency of all technicians in your organization?
  • Can you compare year over year income statements?
  • Can you see your cash flows?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions we have a solution that will help you manage your dealership today, to make more informed business decisions. If you answered “YES” – how much time are you spending compiling these reports?

Improve dealership efficiency and profitability with BlumDealerOps

BlumDealerOps offers a simplified approach to gathering disparate dealership data and bringing it into an executive dashboard that can give you real-time strategic insight into how your business is running at any point in time – no need to wait until the month-end close. Our easy to use dashboard reports will eliminate wasted hours of data entry and aggregation from multiple sources.

BlumDealerOps will also allow you to identify underperforming service advisors, technicians, sales and F&I personnel to find resolutions in real-time. Monitor your receivables and resolve surprise expenses as they occur. With key reports available to you in our dashboard, you will never need to ask your controller for another report!

Track every segment of your business and give your employees the power to communicate effectively. Give vision to your automotive group—spot trends, identify issues and optimize the results to make better business decisions. BlumDealerOps was created just for auto dealers with the goal of making data analysis and aggregation easy, so you can focus on what you do best.

BlumDealerOps Key Features:

Real-time Data – The BlumDealerOps system updates your dealership's data multiple times throughout the day. Your reports and employee notes will always be up-to-date.

Performance Reporting – Just for Auto Dealers– Get access to best-in-class, enterprise-wide analytics for every department including detailed gross analysis and reconciliations, online receivable notes, detailed expense analysis, inventory analysis, parts outside purchases and more!

Anywhere Access – BlumDealerOps is available on your PC, tablet or smart phone. Stay in the loop even if you're out of the office.

Role-based Rights/Access – Custom user access allows you to control which users can access which reports.

Transparency – Gain insight into all departments – sales, service, parts.

Report Templates – BlumDealerOps comes with standard reports that will make analyzing your dealership in the click of a button possible. Look at overall performance, drill down into the details or get a side-by-side comparison by location or department.

FuelOps – Monitor fuel usage, limit usage by employee and guard yourself against fraud.

TitleOps – Easily keep an eye on your titling process and boost CSI.


Advisors | Auditors | Consultants | CPAs – BlumShapiro is one of the premier Auto Dealership CPA firms in New England and a Top 100 CPA Firm in the U.S. Our professionals serve car and truck dealerships in Boston (MA), Hartford (CT), Cranston (RI), Shelton (CT), Quincy (MA) and Newton (MA) with audit, tax and business consulting services. We are members of Auto Team America, National Automobile Dealers Association, Rhode Island Automobile Dealers Association, Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association and the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association.