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Industry: Automotive

  • Customer Testimonial: Gengras Motor Cars
    Listen to Jonathan Gengras, Owner of Gengras Motor Cars, discuss their relationship with BlumShapiro that has spanned over three generations!
  • Roof Repair - A Cost Segregation Case Study
    A local business purchased a building for an upcoming warehouse operation, and – 15 years later – the business discovered the roof of its building had started to leak. The leak, according to a quote from a roofing company, would cost the company $200,000 to repair. It’s a flat roof and only one section seems to be in need of repair. Otherwise the roof structure is in good shape, according to the roofing company, so the business decides to replace the entire roof’s rubber membrane with a new, waterproof membrane. How should the business treat the expenditure for tax and financial statement purposes?
  • Customer Testimonial: Manchester Sports Center
    Listen to auto dealership president Jonathan Larabee, of Manchester Sports Center, share how BlumShapiro has helped his dealership stay on top of industry trends and issues
  • BlumShapiro Helps Auto Dealer Find Innovative Financing Solution
    An automobile dealership wanted to refinance its $4 million mortgage but, after experiencing a challenging year in 2009, many banks were unwilling to provide dealerships in such a risky business with conventional mortgages. In addition, preliminary checks with the Small Business Administration had not proved promising.

Advisors | Auditors | Consultants | CPAs – BlumShapiro is one of the premier Auto Dealership CPA firms in New England and a Top 100 CPA Firm in the U.S. Our professionals serve car and truck dealerships in Boston (MA), Hartford (CT), Cranston (RI), Shelton (CT), Quincy (MA) and Newton (MA) with audit, tax and business consulting services. We are members of Auto Team America, National Automobile Dealers Association, Rhode Island Automobile Dealers Association, Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association and the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association.