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1| 11| 07.23.2015 - Connecticut Sales Tax for Auto Dealers
A partial list of common issues and Connecticut Department of Revenue services audit positions.
1|2|3|4|5|6|7|9| 11| 12.18.2015 - 2015 Guide to Valuation of Personal Use of Employer-Provided Vehicles and Other Select Taxable Fringe Benefits
The 2015 Guide to Valuation includes some useful information, including current automobile mileage rates, FICA limits on wages, valuation methods and other taxable fringe benefits.
1|2|6| 11| 10.06.2011 - Meals and Entertainment Guide
The IRS allows deductions on certain business meal and entertainment expenses for clients, charitable organizations and employees, with some expenses qualifying for a higher deduction than others. We’ve put this simple guide together outlining the most common types of meal and entertainment expenses, their corresponding rate of deduction and whether or not they need to be reported to the federal government.
1|2|3|4|5|6|7| 1| 09.29.2014 - Record Retention Guide - Business and Organizations
Our record retention schedule for business and organizations provides length of time guidelines for storing and maintaining specific files, documents or information.
1|2|5|6|9| 1|2| 07.20.2015 - Baker Tilly Succession Reset Report
A new study conducted by BlumShapiro and Baker Tilly International shows that there is a generational shift among family owned businesses that has never been seen before and is expected to last for the next decade. With baby boom-owned family business owners nearing retirement age, the time for family owned businesses to start planning for succession is now, though nearly 80% are not prepared for what happens when current management steps down. Learn more
2|1|6|8|9| 1|11|12| 11.12.2012 - Economic Disaster Response Information Guide
Within the last year, our region has experienced roof-collapsing snowfalls, tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes and nor'easters. Can plagues and locust infestations be far behind? These natural events can have a significant impact on your business and when they do, you may want to consider the following...
1| 1|7| 04.27.2016 - 2015 Automotive Industry Guidelines
The 2015 Automotive Industry Guidelines contains guideline information for domestic, import and highline dealers on areas ranging from sales to gross productivity to expense control.
1|2|6|9| 11| 10.29.2015 - 2015-2016 Online Tax Planning Guide
Our online tax planning guide for 2015-2016 has tax planning information for individuals, investors and businesses.
1| 1|4|11|12| 12.08.2014 - BlumShapiro and Baker Tilly International Auto Dealer Survey
Through our membership of Baker Tilly International, the world’s 8th largest network of independent accounting and business advisory firms, we participated in a research study within the U.S. auto dealer industry.
1|2|3|4|5|6|7|9| 01.17.2014 - 2014 Pocket Tax Guide
Download our 2014 pocket tax guide for current tax information on business tax, estate and gift tax, capital gains, mileage rates and more!
9|7|6|5|4|3|2|1| 11| 11.14.2014 - 2014 Tax Planning Guide (Print Version)
Recent tax reform has provided significant savings to individuals, families, investors, and businesses. But, many of the opportunities are temporary. To help you make the most of the current tax breaks, our tax guide offers tips for minimizing your tax liabilities and maximizing your potential savings.
1| 11| 06.25.2014 - Get Your Sales & Use Tax IQ
Dealerships must comply with an excess of regulations. Compliance can at times seem daunting and the financial risk of noncompliance with some matters may be trivial. However, one of the biggest risks facing Connecticut auto dealers is a sales tax audit. There are numerous sales tax issues involved in operating an automobile dealership that are often not known or long since forgotten about. Recent audits by the Department of Revenue Service have resulted in significant tax assessments, interest and penalties for Connecticut Dealers. If faced with an audit, how would your dealership do? Don’t wait for a DRS audit, take our sales & use tax IQ test to find out!
1|2|3|4|5|6|7|9| 10.29.2015 - 2015 CBIA Results
The recently released 2015 Survey of Connecticut Businesses, compiled annually by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) and BlumShapiro, provided an interesting snapshot of the current state of business in Connecticut, a snapshot provided by Connecticut’s businesses themselves.
1|2|3|4|5|6|7|9| 3| 11.21.2017 - Employee Benefit Plans 2018 Maximum Dollar Limits
Employee Benefit Plans Selected Maximum Dollar Limits 2018
1|2|3|4|5|6|7|9| 3| 11.21.2017 - Retirement Plan Comparison 2018
2018 Retirement Plan Comparison Chart
9|1|2|3|4|5|6|7| 1|3| 03.23.2016 - 5 Questions to Ask Your Employee Benefit Plan Auditor
If you have 100 or more participants in your employee benefit plan then you are required by law to have an annual audit of your plan. Part of a plan sponsors fiduciary responsibility is to select a quality auditor that complies with requirements set forth by ERISA and the DOL. Learn more >>
1| 1|7| 04.27.2016 - 2015 Automotive Industry Trend Analysis
The 2015 Automotive Industry Trend Analysis contains trend information for domestic, import and highline dealers on areas ranging from merchandising and staffing guidelines, to gross productivity, performance measures and expense control structure guidelines.
8|9|1|2|3|4|5|6|7| 8|12|15| 10.19.2016 - Cybersecurity Self Assessment Tool
This Cybersecurity Self Assessment tool will use your responses to rank your organization's level of risk and help determine your readiness in the event of a cyber threat.
1|2|3|4|5|6|7|9| 1| 09.09.2016 - BlumShapiro/CBIA 2016 Survey of Connecticut Businesses
Produced by CBIA and the accounting, tax, and consulting firm BlumShapiro, the 2016 Survey of Connecticut Businesses examines the near-term outlook, export activities, workforce trends, technology investments, and legislative priorities of the state's business community.
1|2|3|4|5|6|7|9|10|11|12|13|14| 08.10.2017 - Employee Benefit Plan Audit Checklist
Download our Employee Benefit Plan Audit Checklist for a list of items to maintain in your “audit file” in case the DOL comes knocking on your door.

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